Indoor Connectivity

Delivering the 21st Century In-Building Fiber-based Communication Infrastructure

Companies today require access to fast and reliable broadband infrastructure (wired and wireless) to serve a variety of critical enterprise applications. With an increasing demand and reliance on private and public cloud hosted applications and services today, the need for real time access and interaction on a local, national, or even global scale is critical for the success of a business. ExteNet designs, builds, owns and operates a fiber based communication ecosystem that delivers near real-time access to a variety of broadband product and service providers from one location in the building. Today, in-building broadband connectivity is the 4th utility and its availability impacts the enterprise’s bottom line and directly influences tenants’ leasing behavior.

ExteNet offers two components for Indoor Broadband Connectivity: Communication Distribution Services (CDS) and an onsite Micro Data Center (MDC).

CDS – Communication Distribution Services
Fiber is a cornerstone for scalable and high performance broadband connectivity. Fiber delivers multi-gigabit connectivity speeds to servers, desktops, and devices; supports true application and service platform flexibility; and offers the potential to accommodate future growth and expansion without major disruption or costly upgrades.

At the heart of ExteNet’s CDS is a fully owned and operated neutral fiber infrastructure, routed and deployed throughout the risers of a multi-tenant commercial office building. ExteNet CDS delivers dedicated fiber strands to each floor and tenant in the property, thereby ensuring a fast, flexible and scalable communications service platform.

A critical component of CDS is the onsite broadband service provider Meet-Me Room (MMR). This managed and secure MMR space enables a host of local and national service providers to easily and quickly serve the property. A service provider can gain immediate access to a host of desirable enterprises in the property, without major financial and time investments to extend their local facilities throughout the property. It’s opex vs. capex. The enterprises have greater choice securing their connectivity services from the provider that best meets their service and cost requirements with a direct fiber connection.

MDC – Micro Data Center
The increasing reliance today on hosted applications and services requires fast and secure access to corporate application servers and the corporate cloud. This decoupled server – client based architecture is the de-facto way of scalable application delivery today for many common, but critical applications such as: email and messaging, on-line meetings and conferencing, productivity applications, secure file storage and management, and more.

By providing an onsite micro data center in the property, tenants can experience the cost benefits of scale by minimize their own IT required square footage and necessary support personnel spend for such infrastructure, while still receiving high performance, low latency, reliable application delivery.

Key Benefits – CDS and MDC

  • Property Differentiation via Critical Amenity
  • Full Menu of Broadband Connectivity Options
  • Increased Choice of Service Providers
  • Secure and High-Performance Access to Critical Applications and Data
  • Redundant Power, HVAC ensures Maximum Up Time
  • 24 x 7 Management
  • Reduced IT Infrastructure and Support Spend – opex vs capex

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