Welcome to the NEW ExteNet!



I am excited to unveil ExteNet’s new website today. Aligning with our customer-centered, solution-focused and market-driven approach, our new website succinctly amplifies our mission of providing best-in-class connectivity solutions for our customers.


Our new tagline – Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today – delivers a key message. We are technology and process innovators, and always focus on blending pragmatism with innovation to address the communications needs of our customers in the best possible manner. In this endeavor, our team challenges status quo and embraces change.


Our new website has a modular design to provide easy and continual updates. Simplicity and ease of site navigation are important to us and we sincerely hope that you enjoy your interaction. Our industry is poised to shape the country’s future given the importance of underlying advanced communications networks. We are proud to be at the forefront in building next-generation communications infrastructure and my hope is that you partner with us in this exciting journey.