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Will 5G Change the World? Chris Vassallo, ExteNet Systems (Ep. 49)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World? we hear from Chris Vassallo of ExteNet Systems about how the digital divide is more than a rural problem. Pockets of dense urban areas are also underserved by cellular connectivity which has sweeping implications for educational inclusivity, economic mobility and more.

ExteNet Systems Names Saroosh Ahmed as Chief Financial Officer

Chicago, Ill. –  January 3, 2021 – ExteNet Systems, the leading privately held owner of secure 5G and fiber-fed neutral host communications infrastructure solutions, announces Saroosh Ahmed as Chief Financial Officer effective immediately. “I am very excited to welcome Saroosh as our Chief Financial Officer as we hit the ground running here in 2022,” said […]

NYC OKs 9 Providers to Expand 5G Coverage

New Yorkers can expect to see metal boxes start to proliferate just above their heads as the city announced ten new franchise agreements (covering nine companies) for providers to install 5G equipment on city-owned street light poles and traffic lights, as well as some privately owned utility poles.