Private Wireless Networks Deliver Next-Gen Enterprise Connectivity

brochure for private wireless networks Today's 21st century enterprises demand a wireless network that can deliver the performance, security and mobility required to unlock applications simply not possible using legacy WiFi networks. Enter ExteNet Private Wireless Networks. ExteNet’s standards based Private Networks deliver the coverage, capacity, and control that is simply not available on public networks! Leveraging carrier-hardened 4G/5G mobile network technologies and Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), operating in the 3.5GHz spectrum, ExteNet enables your enterprise to take advantage of a private wireless network without the need to license costly spectrum or use a Public Network typically provided by a Mobile Operator. No matter your industry, ExteNet’s performance optimized Private Wireless Networks, are designed, and built to support your mission critical applications, transforming your Enterprise Network capabilities to achieve your enterprise objectives.     Private Networks, Private Wireless Networks  

Unleash the Power of a Private Wireless Network

ExteNet will design, build, commission, monitor and maintain your private wireless network by utilizing our capital access to deliver a Network as a Service (NaaS) solution to our customers. Our NaaS provides your enterprise with a secure, dedicated, low-latency and performance optimized network to support your most mission critical applications. Key benefits of ExteNet private networks include:
  • Reliable, Secure Mobile Connectivity
  • End-to-End Network Control
  • Efficiencies, Productivity & Savings
  Private Networks, Private Wireless Networks     Whether you’re a real estate owner working on smart automation, industrial facility incorporating robotics and artificial intelligence, hospital boosting healthcare delivery, sports venue requiring advanced analytics, or any other enterprise focused on digital transformation, our private wireless networks provide you the security, service assurance and network control you need in your private network. Experience the benefits of a carrier-grade network, including security, control, coverage, and capacity, all over an enhanced network infrastructure for sensitive data and mission critical operations. Let us help plan, transform, and optimize your private networks. With our Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) offering, ExteNet will design, build, own and operate your private network, so that you can get back to focusing on your core business!    

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