Delivering Ultra-Fast and Secure Fiber Connectivity to Our Customers

With an estimated 75%+ of enterprise applications being hosted in the cloud today and enterprise IT infrastructure being located off-premises, the need for ultra-fast and secure connectivity is extremely important for businesses. Content, applications and controls are rapidly transitioning to the cloud from a premise-hosted environment. With the shift towards the cloud, advanced connectivity for enterprises with micro data centers (MDC) and points of presence (PoPs) has become increasingly important. The greatest threat IT professionals perceive in adopting a cloud strategy, whether public or private, is that of security. Industry reports suggest 60%+ of IT professionals worry about security breach. ExteNet understands and address this issue today to ensure a secure connected experience. We serve our customers in several markets with high-capacity fiber while providing nationwide interconnectivity. We help reach and interconnect with the public or private cloud provider of choice and create a cloud presence. We provide the assurance of an ultra-fast and secure connection with well-designed fiber routes. We serve our customer needs by enabling single or multiple cloud connections via our fiber infrastructure including Dark Fiber and Lit Services.

Best-in-Class Fiber Connectivity Delivered for You

Our goal in designing and delivering a high-capacity and well-connected fiber grid is to ensure a future-proof network. We have a singular mission to deliver best-in-class connectivity solutions and fiber is an important enabler in our quest to be a trusted partner for our enterprise and carrier customers. We are technical experts and understand fiber inside out. We focus on building our outside and inside fiber plant with the additional strands needed to support future growth and transition digitally transforming enterprises to their secure cloud. Our dedicated NOC team is integral to our customer engagement process and our technical staff is available 24/7 to address all technical and operational needs. Please contact us at to discuss how we can serve your advanced connectivity needs and deliver your network of the future.