Great piece from The Wall Street Journal on the challenges faced by cities in enabling mobile connectivity in their transit systems. Team ExteNet, Aldridge Electric, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and the Big 4 wireless carriers came together to design, build and launch the network in 21 underground stations and 22 miles of underground tunnels of the CTA within 9 months. Since the network was launched a few years ago, the results have been fabulous. The connectivity underground has driven data throughput rates that match, or even outperform, above ground level coverage.

Our ExteNet team continues to operate the 4G LTE mobile network on behalf of the CTA and the wireless carriers to serve roughly 1 million daily commuters in the underground portions of the subway system in Chicago. Ensuring public safety and boosting productivity via a connected workforce are some of the benefits of the high-performance network we have delivered for the City of Chicago.

A special thanks to Sarah Krouse at WSJ for highlighting the reasons for our collective achievements in Chicago.