Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today in Sports & Entertainment Venues

Sports & Entertainment (S&E) venues and team owners emphasize fan and patron experience. Luring people away from their big screens at home to the venue for game day requires more than on-field performance. Advanced connectivity in the venue and campus matters immensely as social media posts and instant-sharing of pictures and videos are essential to today’s fans. Terabytes of data traverse over devices during game day and the communications infrastructure supporting this high-bandwidth multimedia traffic must perform at its peak. Delivering this connected experience requires a campus-wide, high-performance communications network. ExteNet is a proven communications infrastructure partner for venue and team owners. We serve ownership by enhancing the fan experience via our high-speed and high-bandwidth networks. We currently operate our networks in 30+ marquee S&E venues where we enable fiber-based mobility service - powered by small cells and DAS – to deliver a connected experience for fans and patrons.

Network Monetization, Innovation and Game Day Experience

Watching replays on-demand from select cameras, ordering food and merchandise from seats and accessing real-time stats on players and teams exemplify value-add applications that can monetize the network and add revenue streams for ownership. ExteNet provides the underlying network and consultative services to ownership. Technology leadership is important, and we focus on innovative offerings. For instance, our advanced network at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, is the first to support 5G service for a mobile network operator (MNO). Private networks are important for venues and we enable, edge-networking based, private LTE networks. Our operations team manages the network before, during and after events. With some venues hosting 150-200 events annually, our network operations team actively works to deliver a superior connected experience at these events. Our game day experience includes the Big Game, NCAA basketball tournaments, NBA playoff games, Formula One racing and other high-profile events. We focus on managed services and serve as the single point of contact for all communication needs at the venue. Our NOC is available 24/7 for our customers and addresses their technical and operational needs. Please contact ExteNet at to discuss ways we can help you build your next-generation communications venue and campus network.