Delivering Digital Transformation for Industry 4.0

With smart automation being the focus in the ongoing fourth (4th) Industrial Revolution, factories and warehouses across automotive, manufacturing, energy and other industries are increasingly depending on artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced robotics to improve their operations, productivity and efficiencies. Industry 4.0 relies on a converged communications network delivering hyper-dense device connectivity, ultra-low latency, enhanced capacity and ultra-high speeds backed by real-time data insights. This underlying communications infrastructure, including high-capacity fiber and 5G, plays a critical role in delivering these benefits for our Industrial and Enterprise customers. Private 5G networks allow for all devices, machines and people to be in secured and high-speed communication with each other wirelessly and, when integrated with the intelligent mobile edge, play a critical role in performing the required tasks while delivering data, information and analytics in real-time.  
A recent survey of CIOs and Technology leaders showcased the importance of Cloud Computing and 5G, with 86% and 75% of the respondents respectively rating the two technology areas as foremost for enabling Industry 4.0.

Your Smartly Connected Industrial Facility

Private Networks by ExteNet enables our customers, including industrial facilities, control their 4G/5G wireless destiny by leveraging CBRS 3.5 MHz spectrum. ExteNet offers a custom approach to deliver smart automation and digital transformation for Industry 4.0. With a proven track record in delivering public and private networks over 4G and 5G technologies, we can help deliver your Connected Industrial Facility, whether it’s a warehouse, factory, port or any other facility requiring secure and reliable device interconnectivity and machine operations.

    ExteNet will own and operate the Private 4G/5G wireless network so you don’t have to. Team ExteNet is focused on operating wireless networks and are experts in reliable network connectivity. This allows you to enjoy the service without having to worry about the complexity of operating the network or providing the upfront capital to build the network. We provide access to capital to build the network while offering our industrial customers a superior financial proposition with a recurring financial model as part of our Network as a Service (NaaS). Our technical knowledge and expertise is an important differentiator. With our access to capital, strategic partnerships for best-of-breed technological products and operational experience, we will build and deliver your next-generation Private 4G and 5G network. Our 24x7 network support via our Network Operations Center (NOC) and expert staff is a valuable component of our end-to-end communications infrastructure partner proposition. We have been engaged in high-priority smart automation project for a leading domestic automotive manufacturer for their factory in Detroit, Michigan where we designed, built, and continue to operate a Private Wireless Network to enable factory automation, including advanced connectivity for automated guided vehicles (AGV). The results have been outstanding with our Private LTE network clearly outperforming existing Wi-Fi by delivering superior operational and financial returns for our Big 3 automaker client.  

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