Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today in Healthcare

Healthcare providers aim to provide secure, reliable and high-bandwidth connectivity to their caregivers, patients, nurses and staff. With caregivers, nurses and staff using multiple devices including cell phones, tablets and medical end-points, the need for ubiquitous connectivity is paramount. Hospitals are usually constructed to block cellular signals from the outside due to the use of medical machines. An indoor communications network is needed to deliver the connectivity needed inside the facility. With fiber as the underlying critical network element, other components can layer onto the network as needed to provide such services as inbuilding mobility, Wi-Fi, public safety and more.

ExteNet is a proven and trusted communications infrastructure partner for Healthcare Facilities with operational networks in 15+ hospitals. The healthcare industry has revolutionized with the advent of mHealth that requires advanced indoor communications network. Our expertise in the design, build and operations of fiber and mobility networks, both indoors and outdoors, has enabled us to play a prominent role in delivering next-generation communications networks in healthcare.

Reliable, Secure and High-Bandwidth Connectivity for Digitalized Healthcare

Innovation has sparked an era of digitalized healthcare and today, with mHealth, caregivers attend to patients from afar. Surgeons, for instance, are operating with robotic instruments when they may be thousands of miles away. Blockchain is enabling patient data decentralization to enhance security while ensuring information accessibility from anywhere. Healthcare privacy laws necessitate a secure access and transport environment.

ExteNet enables advanced mobility service, both 4G LTE and 5G, for the various mobile network operators (MNOs) in healthcare facilities. ExteNet’s neutral-host approach and communication network expertise benefits our healthcare customers in various ways, including:

  • Our ability to market to multiple MNOs on behalf of the facility to ensure a multi-carrier network
  • Our focus on delivering coverage and capacity throughout the facility
  • Our balance of innovation and practicality while delivering best-in-class mobility solutions
  • Our commitment to serving as the single point of contact for all communication needs
  • Our NOC being available 24/7 to address all operational and technical needs

Please contact ExteNet at to discuss ways we can help you build your next-generation communications network indoors.