Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today with In-Building Managed Fiber

Building owners have a distinct need for a communication infrastructure partner dedicated for their commercial and multi-use property. Our managed fiber service Communication Distribution Systems (CDS) service helps property owners with their building’s converged communication needs. Traditional building management system (BMS) services like utilities, elevators, security, surveillance, digital signage and host other services can be managed via the in-building fiber network. Prominent properties like Bank of America Plaza in Dallas, Pennzoil Place in Houston and NBC Tower in Chicago are some examples of ExteNet’s managed fiber and CDS deployments. Bank of America Plaza, at 72 floors and 921 feet, is the tallest building in Dallas and a compelling converged communication deployment for ExteNet. As the communication infrastructure provider in the marquee 1.9 million square-feet building, we serve the building owner, carriers and enterprise tenants. ExteNet manages the meet-me-room (MMR), rooftop and deliver a managed fiber service in the building. As part of the commitment to provide service choice to the building tenants, we support 60+ carriers today in the building. Our fiber infrastructure supports over 2 miles of external LED lighting in addition to hosting intelligent HVAC and video security systems in the building.

Managed Fiber Service to Increase Your Building’s Value

ExteNet focuses on extraordinary customer service while providing managed fiber service to the building owners and tenants. As a neutral-host provider, we ensure carrier choice for the tenants. As part of our managed fiber service, we deliver many benefits for our real estate clients, including:
  • Turnkey fiber-based managed solution with dedicated fiber in the building and all tenants
  • Building amenities managed and delivered from the integrated fiber platform
  • Internet of Things (IoT), helping the building become Smart and Intelligent
  • Single point of contact for all communication needs
  • Carrier-class NOC
Fiber is a game-changer and with proper design it can support the growing connectivity needs of the building and its tenants for decades to come. Our dedicated real estate team focuses on serving the communication needs of the property owners while our enterprise customer team correspondingly serve the tenants in the building. We adopt a flexible business model where provide necessary funding and seek financially contributions over time from various stakeholders to offset the cost of the network build. Alongside, we serve as the single point of contact for the building’s communication needs. Our 24/7 NOC, with our expert in-house staff, addresses technical and operational issues.