Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today in Office and Multi-Use Buildings

Mobile and broadband connectivity are considered a building’s fourth utility today. During walk-throughs, prospective lessees often assess connectivity and phone’s signal strength in different areas of a building. Tenants assess building amenities when renewing leases and often place a high value to the trifecta of connectivity, building automation and safety. With people using multiple devices in their work and personal lives, their expectation for interconnectivity has skyrocketed. Building owners face an additional challenge of ensuring choice for both mobile and fixed broadband service for their tenants. ExteNet is a proven and trusted communications infrastructure partner for Building Owners and Property Managers with networks operated in 200+ marquee buildings. With ownership focusing on increasing property value and ensuring its attractiveness for tenants, we focus on delivering advanced connectivity to help ownership differentiate their property. We prioritize a connected experience in-building and undertake the responsibility of delivering a high-performance fiber-based communications network.

Your Intelligent and Smartly Connected Building

Upon wiring a building with high-capacity fiber backbone, we offer an evolutionary path to building owners to transition their building management services onto the same fiber. This automates traditional building services and provides a consolidated platform to control all services including air, water, gas, elevators, content delivery, security cameras, signage and parking system. ExteNet’s managed fiber offering delivers this value-add functionality today. The same fiber helps deliver advanced mobility services via small cells and DAS. ExteNet, a leader in providing outdoor and indoor connectivity, works with all the mobile network operators (MNOs) to enable their wireless service throughout the venue. This coverage can be delivered cost-effectively in all buildings - small and large - including office and multi-use properties. We have leveraged our leadership in 4G LTE to build early 5G momentum and serve as the single point of contact for all communication needs of ownership. Carrier Colocation Room hosting multiple telecom operators to serve the property and Micro Data Center supporting enterprise IT needs are some of the monetization opportunities we bring to ownership. Our NOC is available 24/7 for our customers and addresses their technical and operational needs. Please contact ExteNet at to discuss ways we can help you build your next-generation communications network indoors.