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While primarily serving the various wireless service providers (WSPs), venue owners and facility managers, ExteNet also serves a broader constituent including municipalities and communities across North America.

In our endeavor to enable advanced mobile connectivity and provide a superior mobile experience for one and all, ExteNet designs, owns and operates multi-carrier - often referred to as “neutral-host”, and multi-technology Distributed Networks - to ensure multiple WSPs can provide their 3G and 4G LTE services in the most effective and efficient manner in both outdoor locations and indoor venues.

On the WSP front, ExteNet has deep relationships and ongoing activities with all the major WSPs that operate nationally as well as the many providers serving regional & rural towns and communities.

ExteNet is also an expert in collaborating with municipalities to address the challenges of deploying high performance public wireless networks in major metro and suburban regions to ensure its citizens remain connected with their smart mobile devices at all times.

In addition, as a natural and integrated extension to the WSP activities, ExteNet serves the critical indoor mobile connectivity needs of major venues and facilities across 4 strategic market segments:

Commercial Real Estate Hospitality
Healthcare Sports & Entertainment

ExteNet has a nation-wide footprint principally deployed in urban and suburban markets. Our technology agnostic approach to solving our customer’s challenges, proven track record of success working with high-profile properties across the US and our highly dedicated & experienced project management teams that take end-to-end ownership of every project has enabled ExteNet to become the de-facto partner in advanced mobile connectivity applications. We foster long-term relationships with our customers that are value-based and nurtured over years of proven performance in both outdoor and indoor settings.

ExteNet ensures that it successfully integrates work across WSPs, venues, communities and municipalities to deliver a modern and high performance advanced network solution that providing a consistent and high quality mobile experience for today’s advanced users.

Wireless Service Providers
Venue and Facility Owners