ExteNet Sleuths Uncover Keyless Remote Car Mystery Annoying Yonkers Avenue Residents for Months

Lisle, IL – July 31, 2012 – ExteNet Systems, a leader and innovator in the implementation and operation of distributed networks, has solved the months-old Yonkers Avenue mystery affecting local residents, visitors, businesses and even the Yonkers police department. Imagine walking out of your apartment, office or a local store, and discovering that no matter how many times you clicked your remote keyless entry system, your car door would not unlock.

For the owners of newer, keyless ignition systems, the mystery deepened when their vehicles were unable to detect their keyless remotes to allow their vehicles to start. Many of these owners had to call tow trucks, unless they were lucky enough to find helpful citizens to push their car to an area where the remote keyless entry system worked.

Last week ExteNet Systems, which owns, manages and operates an outdoor distributed antenna system (DAS) network in Yonkers, was asked to help the community solve the problem.

Tim Ayers, Vice President of Global Services for ExteNet Systems stated, “This problem was quite unique, persistent and annoying for the community for a few months before we were made aware of the situation. ExteNet conducted an extensive series of tests and concluded someone in the local area was broadcasting radio signals that were likely to be interfering with the remote keyless entry devices. We brought in a highly experienced and reputable engineering consultancy firm specializing in radio frequency (RF) signal testing to validate our findings and help us ascertain the source of the offending radio signal broadcast.”

ExteNet Marketing Director Manish Matta said the company felt it was important to help the local community find the root cause of the problem and, if possible, help resolve it. “The remote keyless system works on the 315 MHz unlicensed frequency band where similar low power devices operate. The analysis pointed to direct interference from a strong RF signal in the 315 MHz spectrum, distinct from the signals emanating from other wireless or electronic devices within the affected area in Yonkers. The report findings have been shared with authorities and we are glad to have been of assistance in the analysis process.”

For those still wondering what caused the Yonkers interference, a wireless control unit for lighting at a nearby local business was causing the signal interference that disrupted the operation of the remote keyless entry systems in the vehicles. The owner had recently installed the lighting controller unit and was completely unaware that it had anything to do with the local mystery. When ExteNet shared its findings with the business owner, they gladly turned their device off and agreed to have it removed.

The wireless lighting control device was emitting a much stronger radio signal than permissible standards in the United States. ExteNet is providing test results to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its further investigation and possible actions.

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