Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today in Rural and Regional Markets

Rural and fixed wireless carriers have distinct communications infrastructure needs that demand a customized approach. Mobile broadband services, also referred to as advanced mobility, become necessary because of the unique challenges in the serving areas. Innovative network architecture, operational expertise and flexible business models are important requirements for a solution provider serving rural telcos. Typically serving business and consumer segments of an entire township, these carriers need a custom approach to enabling their communication service. ExteNet launched a rural carrier-centered business in 2012 and has since partnered with 20+ rural carriers to deliver turnkey standards-based LTE networks. A typical solution integrates ExteNet’s distributed evolved packet core (EPC) solution with an industry-leading radio access network (RAN). ExteNet’s NOC provides 24/7 monitoring and maintenance support to 2,000+ operational sites in the rural markets.

Our Custom Approach to Serve Your Needs

Innovation and flexibility are integral to our service offering for rural carriers. Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, we tailor our approach toward addressing specific needs. These include:
  • Fixed wireless 3GPP-compliant LTE scalable solution
  • Licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum deployments
  • Addressing terrain, distances and other adverse and challenging conditions
  • Distributed packet core approach to ensure edge intelligence and functionality
ExteNet is a pioneer in addressing rural carrier needs with a distributed, EPC-based, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. We were early adopters of pre-CBRS innovative solutions for rural carriers with 1,000+ sites today, which gives us the experience across the breadth of licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum deployments to enable advanced connectivity. Our networks offer a menu of advanced mobility services for the rural carrier that mirror services found in the networks of national mobile network operators (MNOs). Our distributed packet core approach ensures edge intelligence and functionality. In situations where fiber may not be viable due to extended physical distances, geographical challenges or limited subscriber count, ExteNet enables an advanced fixed wireless 3GPP-compliant LTE solution. Please contact ExteNet at to discuss ways we can help you build your rural and fixed wireless network.