Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today with 4G LTE and 5G

Serving communication and entertainment needs requires a high-performance underlying communications network. The proliferation of smart devices and our connectivity habits place extensive strain on this network and our networks needs to always offer the trifecta of speed, bandwidth and reliability to support videos, social media, gaming and other multimedia applications. The use of high-definition (HD) quality voice is also highly bandwidth-intensive. Additionally, public safety is extremely important in our society given the increased safety concerns and heightened safety awareness in recent years. Data indicates that over 80% of all life-saving E911 calls are made from wireless phones. Mobility networks become crucial to provide connectivity everywhere and to everyone. Since 2005, ExteNet has worked with mobile network operators (MNOs), municipalities and communities to enable outdoor mobile connectivity with small cells and DAS networks. Using a well-designed high-capacity fiber network, we have deployed over 300 outdoor DNS across our primary and secondary markets in the U.S. We operate each of these networks on behalf of our customers and our network operations staff manages over 65,000 network elements on these networks.

Expertise and Flexible Approach for our Customers

5G involves hyper densification with fiber and small cells being deployed in large scale everywhere. Massive MIMO is an instance of technical leadership at ExteNet, as this technology will be leveraged to enable 5G and deliver the promise of a high-performance network. While technology expertise is a must, the need for a flexible proven approach is extremely important also as one size doesn’t fit all. Our customers invariably prefer a turnkey solution. We have ex-city planners on staff who work extensively with municipalities, utility companies and others to ensure appropriate use of public rights-of-way (ROW) infrastructure. Our dedicated teams adeptly handle all aspects of the network delivery and provisioning for MNOs including:
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Site selection
  • Network design and construction
  • Power
  • Network turn-up
Several deployments require a fiber-only or node-only solution. Leveraging our fiber and node expertise, our focus is on always serving our customers in the best possible manner and meet their custom needs. Please contact ExteNet at to discuss ways we can build and operate your advanced mobility network and enable your 4G LTE and 5G service.