Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today for 4G LTE and 5G

Bandwidth changes everything and connectivity is needed by network operators to support the access needs of users (fronthaul) and correspondingly transport (backhaul) the traffic to the telecom hub, datacenters, points of presence (PoPs) and cloud infrastructure. The data and video traffic expected from 5G networks will miniscule the traffic carried on 4G LTE networks, and the enabling fiber fronthaul and backhaul networks will need to offer ultra-low latency and improved efficiencies for the network hyper-densification expected in the 5G world. ExteNet is a leader in enabling advanced mobile and broadband connectivity. We have worked with mobile network operators (MNOs), municipalities and communities to enable outdoor mobile connectivity with small cells and DAS networks. Using a well-designed high-capacity fiber network, we have deployed 300+ outdoor small cells and DAS networks across our primary and secondary markets in the U.S.

Fronthaul or Backhaul, We Address Your Connectivity Needs

In the CRAN architecture, ExteNet provides high-capacity fronthaul in active and passive capacity in our small cell deployments. Given our 4G LTE small cells leadership and early engagements with 5G, we have optimized our solutions and provide highly dense fronthaul options. Typically scaling from 4 to 40 strands per node, our fronthaul solution readies the carrier’s network for bandwidth intensive applications of the future. We also enable fiber backhaul solutions for small cells densification. Scaling from 1G to 10G to support 4G LTE via CPRI and 25G for eCPRI to support 5G connectivity, we have a high-capacity backhaul solution for connectivity to telecom hub, datacenters and cloud infrastructure. Please contact ExteNet at to discuss ways we can build and operate your fiber fronthaul and backhaul network and enable your 4G LTE and 5G service.