Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today for the MNOs

Improving service and reducing churn are primary goals for our mobile network operator customers. Given the cost and difficulty in acquiring new subscribers, MNOs focus on increasing retention by improving network performance and service assurance. Today, 5G network densification has begun as an overlay to the existing 4G LTE networks. Spectrum remains a premium and MNOs look increasingly towards infrastructure and spectrum investment monetization. ExteNet’s distributed networks (DNS) - including fiber, small cells and DAS networks - deliver advanced mobile connectivity for the MNOs. Bandwidth-intensive data and video applications require a distributed network topology to deliver a high-performance network. Leveraging rights-of-way (ROW) infrastructure in the outdoors and real estate property indoors to bring network elements closer to the users, the distributed networks deliver high-speed and high-bandwidth, always connected, experience.

Your Network, Our Commitment

As a leading neutral-host communications infrastructure partner, ExteNet ensures best-in-class connectivity solutions and superior customer service. Since 2005, we have enabled advanced mobile connectivity outdoors via small cells and DAS. Leveraging our purpose-built and high-capacity fiber network, we have deployed over 300 outdoor networks. We are highly responsive and flexible while catering to unique needs of our customers by delivering:
  • Turnkey small cells and DAS networks, in majority of our deployments
  • Fiber-only builds, if our customers indicate so
  • Node-only builds, if our customers have existing fiber in the area
Our expertise extends indoors where we have networks in several verticals including commercial office & multi-use buildings, hotels & conventions centers, sports & entertainment venues, health-care facilities, and transit systems. While we primarily design, build and operate the distributed networks, we also increasingly offer consultation and managed services for our customers. We have enabled advanced mobility and building communications service in over 200 buildings. Our 5G service in AT&T Stadium is the first instance of 5G indoors. Today, we are engaged with building owners and MNOs to deliver Private LTE networks using CBRS spectrum. Bottomline, we are committed to the success of our customers, always! Please contact ExteNet at to discuss ways we can design, build and operate your 4G LTE and 5G mobility networks and provide in-building communication infrastructure and service.