ExteNet Delivers Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today in Towns and Communities

The Telecom Act of 1996 acknowledged the need for a competitive, high-speed communications highway across America. It focused on the need for shared infrastructure as an ideal way to achieve a healthy and sustainable competitive environment while delivering the benefits of ubiquitous communications and connectivity. Since then, America has focused on building networks geared to complement each other and deliver advanced voice and data communication services using a mesh of fiber and wireless communications infrastructure. ExteNet understands the need for shared infrastructure to deliver best-in-class connectivity nationwide and to bridge the Digital Divide. Our neutral-host model shares network infrastructure and promotes economic development and prosperity. ExteNet designs, builds and operates the communications infrastructure - including fiber and wireless - to transport the mobile network operator’s (MNO) voice, data and video traffic. ExteNet holds a certificate of public convenience and necessity (CPCN), or similar grants of authority, issued by various state regulators. This qualifies ExteNet to work with local and state authorities, public utility companies and others to install fiber and deploy its small cell and DAS networks in the public rights-of-way (ROW), subject to local requirements and limitations.

Regulatory Expertise, Adherence to Codes and Guidelines

ExteNet’s Community Relations team comprises former municipal planners and experienced ROW experts. Our goal is to partner with communities to enable community-friendly mobile and broadband connectivity solutions. Our team specializes in balancing community permitting requirements with state and local authorities and federal telecommunications regulations to meet scheduling commitments. The team’s negotiation and permitting skills, planning backgrounds, partnering mindset and extensive telecommunications experience enable it to move effectively through any municipality’s processes, including:
  • ROW and municipal agreements and approvals
  • Fiber and node attachment permits
  • Utility and telecom infrastructure access and attachment agreements
Please contact ExteNet at communityrelations@extenetsystems.com to discuss how we can help bring advanced connectivity in your cities, townships and communities.