Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today with 5G and IoT

Delivering a smart connected city needs strategic vision. ExteNet addresses smart city design and architecture with a solution-focused approach. Our belief is that four strategic areas including communication, public safety, energy and transportation sectors remain keys for success when delivering a comprehensive smart city with interconnectivity of devices and people as the end-goal. An integrated communications network becomes integral to everything because it delivers the all-important mobile and wireless broadband connectivity Network resiliency, latency, bandwidth and speed are critical to ensure that all devices - including network and end-user touch points - are appropriately connected. ExteNet works diligently to address this in a systematic manner that centers on the ongoing wave of Internet of Everything (IoT).

Your Connected City Mission, Our Advanced Connectivity Promise

Our customers benefit from our long-term network vision. We are leaders in small cells and DAS to enable 4G LTE and 5G networks. 5G is the catalyst for massive end-to-end interconnectivity and we are experts in delivering advanced mobile and broadband connectivity. Our promise to the cities and townships includes:
  • Future-looking network vision
  • Pragmatic and cost-effective communication solutions
  • Consultative approach with expertise in converged network solutions
  • Single point of contact for all connectivity and communications infrastructure needs
We have learnt that when designing smart cities, it’s important to look at point solutions as a building block towards achieving the network vision. For instance, while there many requirements today for LED lighting, the latter exemplifies a point solution. Smart poles would be the strategic alternative, in our point of view, to extend capabilities further and enable IoT applications in transportation and public safety. Our approach is always to be a trusted advisor for our customers and partner with them to achieve their goals. Please contact ExteNet at to discuss ways we can design and build your smart connected city.