Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today in Cities & Communities

A connected experience is important to everyone, both in their professional and personal lives. A high-performance network delivers advanced connectivity required for communications, safety and entertainment while driving prosperity and economic development in cities and townships. Most progressive communities understand this well and sometimes identify unique requirements for their network connectivity. The underlying network, including fiber, becomes imperative to deliver high-bandwidth and high-speed connections. While 4G LTE networks are being deployed everywhere, communities are now preparing for 5G. An expert, innovative and trusted communications partner is often sought by communities to understand their distinct needs, provide the network vision and deliver the network of the future!

Ensuring people have service provider choice to ensure maximum coverage becomes important for communities as public safety grows in importance. With more than 80% of all E911 calls being made from wireless devices today, reliable connectivity becomes essential to ensure people can reach first responders at any time and from anywhere. Starting with the township of Franklin-Bloomfield (Michigan) in 2005, ExteNet has delivered hundreds of distributed networks (DNS) that deliver mobile connectivity to communities today.


Community Benefits

ExteNet Advances Connectivity in Communities and Townships with a Safe and Reliable Network Everywhere.

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Government Entities

ExteNet works with federal and local government entities to deliver world-class communications infrastructure in cities, townships and communities.

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Smartly Connected Cities

ExteNet provides communications infrastructure in Cities and Townships with a strategic vision to enable a Connected Society.

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Addressing Your Needs and Enabling Choice

ExteNet adopts a custom approach, to the extent possible, to accommodate unique requirements. Our experience with 350+ outdoor mobility and fiber networks has given us the opportunity to work with many communities and townships, each with distinct needs. We differentiate ourselves by:

  • Ensuring our employees are highly trained and adhere to the local codes and guidelines
  • Appropriately using the public rights-of-way (ROW) infrastructure to build our networks
  • Collaborating with city planners and officials to identify the best possible site locations
  • Ensuring that community aesthetic requirements are balanced with deployment necessities
  • Promoting choice of network operators with our neutral-host approach

While we are known for our collaborative approach and technical expertise, we are network partners first. Our local regulation knowledge and consultative partner approach goes a long way to address community and township needs. Enabling technologies such as fiber, small cells and DAS are used extensively by our experienced team in the best possible manner to deliver a community’s connected experience.

Please contact ExteNet at to discuss how we can help build your smartly connected and safer community.