LAS VEGAS – September 8, 2014 — ExteNet Systems, Inc., a leader in providing distributed networks enabling advanced mobile connectivity for national and rural wireless carriers, today elaborated on its rural carrier strategy from the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) annual conference in Las Vegas.

Featuring its next-generation IP-based distributed core network solution, ExteNet will ensure a rapid and cost-effective deployment of the LTE network for all rural carriers with a need for an advanced 4G LTE network.

“Despite having the spectrum, the economic model for deploying 4G LTE in less populated areas has been a challenge for rural carriers,” said Eric Lekacz, co-founder and Executive Vice President, ExteNet Systems. “ExteNet’s innovative distributed core solution allows rural carriers to quickly and cost-effectively deliver 4G LTE services to customers while simultaneously putting the infrastructure components in place that can deliver additional advanced network services down the road. It’s a huge opportunity for new revenue sources for rural carriers.”

Tormod Larsen, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ExteNet Systems added, “ExteNet has a history of introducing innovative distributed offerings to unlock the power of advanced mobile connectivity. Utilizing software defined network (SDN) architecture and leveraging IP capabilities, ExteNet is now introducing a highly flexible Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solution that can be centralized, distributed or virtualized to meet any 4G LTE deployment methodology and customized needs of our rural carrier customers.”

Multiple LTE radio vendors, both macro and small cell, have successfully gone through interoperability testing with ExteNet’s 4G LTE core solution to ensure proper compatibility with existing networks. The innovative SDN based strategy clearly helps deliver a cost-effective, robust and flexible network solution for rural carriers considering and/or expanding their 4G LTE networks.

About ExteNet Systems, Inc.

Lisle, IL-based ExteNet Systems, Inc.designs, builds, owns and operates distributed networks for use by wireless carriers, both national and rural, and venue owners in key strategic markets. Using distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells, Wi-Fi, distributed EPC and other technologies, ExteNet deploys networks to enhance coverage and capacity and enable superior wireless service in both outdoor and indoor environments. Primary markets addressed by ExteNet include outdoor distributed networks in a variety of urban, suburban and rural settings, alongside a host of indoor verticals, including sports and entertainment venues, the hospitality industry, commercial buildings, and healthcare facilities. For more information, visit

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