Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today with Optical Wavelength Services

Enterprises can often require access to a managed private point-to-point service, providing dedicated broadband connectivity without the capital outlay, and responsibility required to own and operate the network infrastructure. Low-latency is extremely important alongside network diversity with quality of service (QoS) assurance. ExteNet’s optical wavelength services offer a low-cost entry point, quick service turn-up and, more importantly, a securely connected high-bandwidth optical solution delivered over dedicated fiber. Our low-latency network solution provides unrivaled high-performance connectivity for any enterprise or high-frequency trading firm looking to achieve optimal application and business performance. Our managed, customer-facing portal enables remote monitoring capabilities alongside.

Managed Fiber Services for You

ExteNet focuses on extraordinary customer service while providing carrier-class fiber solutions. We are a one-stop partner for your optical wavelength requirements, ensuring:
  • Point-to-point, fully-managed, secure and dedicated optical wavelength service
  • Protocol agnostic connectivity with open interfaces to support all major transport protocols including Ethernet, IP, SONET, SAN and SD/HD-Video
  • Extreme scalability from 1 GBPS to 200 GBPS in a redundant protected ring topology to ensure easy add and drop functionality
  • Highly flexible network topology backed with performance and availability service level agreements (SLA)
Our dedicated enterprise customer team has the support of a highly responsive support team that caters to your needs in a rapid and dedicated manner. Additionally, our dedicated 24/7 NOC has in-house staff to address all your technical and operational needs. Please contact ExteNet at to discuss how we can address your optical wavelength connectivity needs.