Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today with Ethernet Services

Fortune 500 companies, small to large businesses, financial institutions, legal firms, healthcare facilities, hotels, and other enterprises have similar needs when it comes to dedicated broadband connectivity with a need to link various locations or connect to the cloud. In this endeavor, enterprises require high-bandwidth, reliable, cost-effective and dedicated fiber links to increase productivity and efficiency for their employees and staff. ExteNet delivers on the promise of dedicated bandwidth scaling from 50Mb to 100Gb in a flexible and cost-effective manner. Our Ethernet services are typically delivered over owned and dedicated fiber while providing multiple protection options. Our Layer 2 based point-to-point (P2P) and point-to-multipoint (P2PM) architecture enables enterprises to seamlessly extend services from one location to a multitude of locations spread over a large metro area and beyond.

Dedicated Fiber Connectivity for You

ExteNet focuses on extraordinary customer service while providing carrier-class fiber solutions. We are a one-stop partner for your Ethernet service requirements, including:
  • E-Line: Ethernet Private Line, Ethernet Virtual Private Line
  • E-LAN: Transparent LAN Service, Multipoint Layer 2 VPN
  • E-Tree: Traffic Segregation
  • E-Access: Access Ethernet Private or Virtual Private Line
We focus on quick service activation, often unparalleled in the industry, and deliver a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) CE 2 certified network platform, ensuring a standards-based roll out of Ethernet services. Our dedicated enterprise customer team has a highly responsive support team that caters to your needs in a rapid and dedicated manner. Additionally, ExteNet's 24/7 NOC has the in-house staff to address all your technical and operational needs. Please contact ExteNet at to discuss how we can address your carrier Ethernet connectivity needs.