Delivering Tomorrow’s Connectivity Today with Private Networks

Secure and ultra-high-speed connectivity to the cloud has become imperative for any business given the shift of content, applications and controls to the cloud from a premise-hosted environment. Fiber being the ultimate enabler for wireless and broadband connectivity, enterprises are looking at trusted fiber providers to provide their advanced connectivity. ExteNet’s Cloud Connectivity Exchange enables enterprises to reach and interconnect with the public or private cloud provider of choice and create a cloud presence. Flexibility and control have always been the hallmark of our optical network solution offerings, and our Cloud Connectivity service is no different. With flexible, on-demand interconnection, discover how you can reach specific cloud provider(s) through a single secure connection. Through a single port, an enterprise can reach providers on-demand - either locally or across metros - to drive business needs. ExteNet has designed this platform for scalability, agility and security.

Managed and Secure Private Networks for You

ExteNet focuses on extraordinary customer service while providing high-capacity fiber-enabled private network solutions. Our Cloud Connectivity Exchange service provides many benefits, including:
  • Scalability: Connection to any cloud provider(s) over a single port
  • Control: Determine how and where connections occur with flexible bandwidth options
  • Security: Minimize threats and bypass the public internet with a private connection
  • Performance: Improved performance and a reliable end-user experience via a private connection
  • Agility: Deploy, connect and scale IT resources on-demand
Our dedicated enterprise customer team has the support of a highly responsive support team that caters to your needs in a rapid and dedicated manner. Our dedicated 24/7 NOC has in-house staff to address all your technical and operational needs. Please contact ExteNet at to discuss how we can address your Cloud Connectivity needs.