Thursday 26 March 2020

To Our Customers, regarding the evolving Covid-19 situation,

This is an update to the Covid-19 business and operations continuity communication we shared with our customers on Friday 13 March.

The health and safety of our employees, partners, customers and our collective families is our number one priority. We are adapting how we work, mandatory social distancing, use of PPE, and other active measures to minimize the risk of exposure and spread of Covid-19.

While operating differently, as we all are, ExteNet’s robust business and operations continuity processes and systems have ensured we are open for business. Our national, regional, and market level teams, along with our trusted partners and suppliers continue their work unabated.

The Department of Homeland Security issued ExteNet letters for our use, as well as the use of our field partners, designating our work to plan, construct, troubleshoot, maintain, and restore the communications infrastructure we own and manage as ‘Essential Work’. These letters provide our teams rights to transit, access, and perform our work, and to ensure our teams have access to fuel for our vehicles.

Most of the state and municipal orders regarding Covid-19 ‘shelter-in-place’ and ‘stay-at-home’ directives have included clear language designating work / workers in ‘telecommunications, video, and internet’ to be ‘Essential’, further authorizing us to continue our work in those areas.

ExteNet is grateful that several of our large, national communication provider customers have also issued us letters for our field teams use to ensure access and continued collaboration in our ongoing work together.

We have distributed these letters throughout our workforce and our key suppliers to carry on their person and in their vehicles as authorization for local authorities, utility providers, suppliers, real estate owners, and our customers on an as needed basis to ensure our work continues.

ExteNet has implemented an internal national Covid-19 operational impact communications channel to collect and share all Covid-19 related updates, news, and notifications from every market we operate in. We are sharing these tactical updates to our management team throughout the country, assessing their impact, and working closely with local authorities, utilities, real estate owners and our customers to adjust to local conditions on an ongoing basis.

ExteNet Operations is also coordinating very closely with our customers through our Network Operations team and our distributed field teams, sharing local information, coordinating, and where they are in effect, observing new Covid-19 site access and work-site protocols.

In the vast majority of our markets including New York, California, and Washington State, we are not experiencing restrictions or prohibitions as we go about our work of planning, constructing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and restoring service. We have experienced some minor delays with municipal and utility approvals as some jurisdictions and utilities implemented workarounds to their ‘normal’ practices, but as of this week, things are flowing well.

ExteNet continues to monitor this situation and may implement additional measures as needed over the near term.

To recap, while operating ‘differently’ than normal, we are open for business, and our company is fully operational, our employees are performing their missions, and supporting our deployed assets and the customers we serve.

As always, should you need operational support, our Network Operations team can be reached anytime 24x7x365 by calling +1.866.892.5327 or emailing

If you have a sales or customer account management question, please contact your ExteNet account manager directly.

You can also visit the ExteNet corporate website at for updates on our Covid-19 business and service continuity response.


ExteNet Service Assurance Team