ExteNet owns and operates multi-carrier, often referred to as “neutral-host”, and multi-technology Distributed Networks to ensure multiple wireless service providers (WSPs) can provide their 3G and 4G LTE services in the most effective and efficient manner in both outdoor and indoor settings. Beginning with our first network deployed in Michigan in 2005, we have introduced innovative and pragmatic communications infrastructure solutions to deliver a 21st century network for our customers and ultimately ensure a superior mobile experience for their customers.

Innovation in Network Architecture and Design
ExteNet is recognized as a pioneer in the development and deployment of Distributed Network architecture. We designed, deployed and invested in Small Cell networks when Small Cells were not as main-stream as they are today. Network and RF design, technology choice recommendation, site acquisition, and securement of municipal and utility approvals are some of our key expertise as a company stemming from our years of focused Distributed Network experience. Our focus on continuous innovation is ongoing as we continue to invest in UE Relay solutions, Virtual Private Wireless Networks and Networks-within-Networks.

Innovation in Technology Solutions
Over the past decade, we have developed, and/or contributed to the development of, several innovative technology solutions associated with Distributed Networks. These include antennas specially designed for pole installations, antennas specifically designed for multi-carrier use, probes and antennas for use in ExteNet’s iDUCT® deployments that leverage the HVAC system for wireless signal propagation and backup power solutions designed for pole installations designed for DAS and/or Small Cells, to name just a few.

ExteNet’s latest advancement is a software defined network (SDN) solution to facilitate the deployment and operation of “Networks-within-Networks,” wherein we have introduced our mNET® platform as a highly flexible and scalable 3GPP compliant Evolved Packet Core (EPC) offering to meet the 4G LTE deployment needs of the wireless carriers and enterprises.

ExteNet has over 10 patents including location based services within outdoor DAS and indoor DAS, E911 location within DAS networks and innovative installation methods applicable for Distributed Networks, to name just a few.

Innovation in Business Models
ExteNet has been at the forefront with business models supporting the changing needs of our customers. We work with our customers to solve their Network Densification problems in innovative ways. We create a scalable network design utilizing our high-bandwidth fiber network to ensure the network densification needs are met and can evolve over time as user demands dictate. Our focus on innovative business models helps drive CAPEX and OPEX reduction for the WSPs, deliver aesthetic benefits for the venues and communities, and ultimately deliver time-to-market advantage for all our customers.

Our technology vision is clear – providing distributed networks for the wireless industry. However, coming up with cutting-edge technology solutions require working with the best tools and methodologies available. For example, we design differently than organizations that work on macro cellular deployments. We offer a more compelling and effective coverage and capacity solution for our customers. Also at our disposal are predictive tools which help immensely in designing the optimal network.

“Innovation takes many forms and is not confined to technology. At ExteNet, we are a creative team and we approach daily problems with ingenuity. We look forward to continue to provide our customers with innovative solutions in the years to come."
Tormod Larsen, Chief Technology Officer at ExteNet Systems

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