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“ExteNet has provided Marlins Park with the most comprehensive solution for wireless connectivity in our ballpark. Our fans’ experience at a game is of upmost importance and by adding wireless service to our ballpark, we give them convenient access to email, texting and applications, including live video streaming, which certainly adds to their experience at Marlins Park.”
- Executive Vice President of Operations and Events, Miami Marlins

In April 2012, Major League Baseball (MLB™) witnessed the first pitch of the official 2012-13 season at the league’s newest facility - Marlins Park - home of the Miami Marlins. With a seating capacity of 37,000, the 928,000 square foot stadium was equipped with ExteNet Systems’ hybrid deployment of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Remote Radio Heads (RRH). Today the stadium is one of MLB’s most state of the art facilities, enabling fans to stay connected before, during and after the game with over 80 low-powered discreet wireless antennas spread throughout the facility and hosting all of the 4 major US wireless carriers.

Luring fans and patrons to Sports & Entertainment (S&E) venues, to watch games and events live, and improving the in-venue experience, are prime objectives for venue owners and others associated with the venue.

Seamless broadband cellular connectivity within a venue helps improve the fan experience. Today’s consumer has a vast array of entertainment choices. Every venue strives to distinguish its facility and entertainment offering from others. Strengthened indoor mobile connectivity can propel the venue’s attraction immensely and help improve the in-venue fan and patron experience to lure them back to the venue consistently.

S&E venues are distinct from other venues given the user habits and preferences of its patrons. Social media has changed how people experience and enjoy their games and events. Today’s in-venue mobile and cellular networks need to be designed, built and optimized to cater to users’ needs for instant sharing of their game or event experience with their friends and families. The capacity, resiliency and flexibility of the mobile and cellular network are tested throughout events as people upload more content than they download during an event.

ExteNet Systems, a leader in providing Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Distributed Networks, works with a host of S&E venues to enable advanced mobile and cellular connectivity throughout the venue at little to no cost to the venue. ExteNet works with the wireless service providers (WSPs) like AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile to ensure that their 3G and 4G LTE broadband wireless services can be enabled in the shortest time-frame on the distributed networks deployed in the various S&E venues.

Distributed Networks bring wireless network elements such as low-powered wireless antennas and access points closer to the user to ensure ubiquitous and high-capacity wireless broadband connectivity. Utilizing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Remote Radio Heads (RRH), Small Cells, Wi-Fi and Distributed Core Soft-switching technologies, ExteNet enables wireless service providers (WSPs), enterprises and venues to better serve their subscribers, customers, workers, residents, tenants and communities.

ExteNet has been recognized as the Official Arena Wireless Network Provider by the American Hockey League (AHL™) where ExteNet is working with the AHL teams and venues to create opportunities to design, build, own and operate distributed networks to enable 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi based wireless services throughout their arenas.

“ExteNet Systems has significantly enhanced the fan experience via their advanced wireless networks at many prominent facilities, This is a win-win for the AHL and our teams because connecting with our existing fans, attracting new fans and delivering the best in-arena experience are priorities for all 30 member clubs.” - Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for the American Hockey League

Further testament of the value of Indoor Distributed Networks enabled by ExteNet comes in the words of Chip Foley, Vice President of Building Technology at Forest City Ratner Companies (developer of Barclays Center, home of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA™) Brooklyn Nets),

“The DAS is great, we never get complaints [about cellular connectivity]. You dread hearing that people can’t send texts. That just hasn’t happened.”

ExteNet's wireless solution also includes a mobile application platform for S&E facilities and owners. ExteNet’s mobile application platform enhances in-venue fan and patron experience via a portfolio of value-added applications including mobile ordering for arena concessionaries and merchandise and enhanced mobile video service delivery.

Indoor Distributed Network Benefits to Teams & Venues

High Bandwidth Mobile and Wi-Fi Connectivity throughout the Venue

Improved Fan and Patron Experience

Single Point of Contact with all WSPs

Quicker Time-to-Market given ExteNet’s experience & expertise

Indoor Distributed Network Benefits to WSPs

Access to Prominent and Preferred Venues

CAPEX & OPEX reduction when compared to a WSP Self-Performed network

Enhanced Subscriber Satisfaction given Ubiquitous 3G and 4G LTE coverage

Reduced Customer Churn, Increased Customer Retention

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