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Enabling Advanced Mobile Connectivity for
Class A Buildings

“Throughout our portfolio, our mandate is to offer our tenants the best technological solutions in a state-of-the-art business environment. Our portfolio’s hallmarks are redundant broadband, energy efficiency and fully modernized building systems. Many employees and executives simply don’t use hard-wired phones, and we see the ExteNet offering as central to our building’s turn-key capabilities.”
President of Malkin Holdings, L.L.C., which supervises the Empire State Building

All 102 floors of the iconic Empire State Building in downtown Manhattan enjoy mobile broadband connectivity with two of the leading national wireless carriers currently providing their 3G and advanced 4G LTE service via ExteNet’s Distributed Network. With over 1,000 low-powered antennas strategically located throughout the 2.5 million square feet complex, the distributed network has been designed for multi-carrier and multi-technology support, ensuring seamless wireless broadband coverage for all tenants and visitors of the landmark building.

Business and residential lessors are placing tremendous emphasis today on mobile voice and broadband coverage to enhance the Lessor, Tenant and Visitor experience in Class A buildings and it has become a prime objective for building owners and management companies that have the responsibility for leasing activity. In the past, cellular networks were often installed to provide coverage only in lobbies and communal spaces and coverage in the upper floors of high-rise buildings was not a design priority. Today’s lessees have multiple choices in Class A commercial office space and robust mobile broadband coverage is an increasingly important criterion for space selection.

ExteNet Systems, a leader in providing Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Distributed Networks, works with a host of building owners and managers to enable advanced mobile and cellular connectivity throughout the venue at negligible cost to the venue. This coverage can be cost-effectively enabled in buildings over 20 floors where service has been limited given the traditional macro coverage topology. ExteNet works with all the leading Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) to ensure that their 3G and 4G LTE broadband wireless service can be enabled in the shortest time-frame on the distributed networks deployed in the Class A buildings.

Distributed Networks bring wireless network elements such as low-powered wireless antennas and access points closer to the user to ensure ubiquitous and high-capacity wireless broadband connectivity. Utilizing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Remote Radio Heads (RRH), Small Cells, Wi-Fi and Distributed Core Soft-switching technologies, ExteNet designs and builds distributed networks that enable WSPs, property owners and managers better serve their constituents.

ExteNet also offers a less obtrusive and aesthetically more viable option for indoor mobile and cellular connectivity with the potential for installing the wireless network elements in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) ducts and propagating the wireless signals from within the ducts. Deployed in various Class A buildings, including the famous Trump Tower in Chicago, the iDUCT® technology ensures a lower cost of ownership, rapid installation and deployment timeframes, alongside the aforementioned aesthetic benefits while ensuring complete indoor mobile connectivity for multiple WSPs. The iDuct/HVAC deployments work best in buildings with centralized HVAC infrastructure. Hybrid solutions of both traditional architectures as well as iDUCT technology are also utilized where appropriate.

With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) pervasive today - and a reported 80% of all mobile calls originating indoors - building owners and managers are looking for multiple WSP’s to provide their wireless service within their buildings to help differentiate their offering from other Class A buildings. The need is amplified by the inherent demand of today’s subscribers to connect seamlessly over multiple devices concurrently at any given time.

Indoor Distributed Network Benefits to Class A Building Owners

High Bandwidth Mobile and Wi-Fi Connectivity throughout the Venue

Enhanced Tenant/User Experience

Single Point of Contact with all WSPs

Quicker Time-to-Market given ExteNet’s experience & expertise

Indoor Distributed Network Benefits to WSPs

Access to Prominent Class A Venue

Lower Cost of Network Ownership

Superior Quality of Service via Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Connected Customers, Reduced Churn, Increased Subscriber Retention

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