Enabling Advanced Mobile Connectivity with ExteNet’s iDUCT®

With 80% of all mobile traffic originating indoors, indoor Distributed Network installations transmit signal from a WSP base station equipment via nodes and antenna locations distributed throughout the facility. Areas that used to be dead coverage spots or faced with poor data performance can benefit from new, reliable and carrier-class mobile connectivity. ExteNet’s distinguishes itself with innovative approaches to solving indoor mobile connectivity needs of our customers. ExteNet deploys Distributed Networks utilizing discrete antennas located on walls or in the ceiling, but also when applicable via a proprietary and patented method utilizing the existing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system throughout the facility. The latter is a less obtrusive and aesthetically more viable option for certain facilities to provide wireless connectivity given the ability to propagate wireless signals from within the building ducts.

Referred to as the iDUCT® technology, this method of enabling wireless connectivity via the use of HVAC ducts ensures a lower cost of ownership, rapid installation & deployment timeframes, alongside the aforementioned aesthetic benefits. Metal HVAC ducts are typically excellent wave guides for radio signals and the ducts are designed to reach the entire building. Many HVAC systems are designed with a central equipment room and the forward and return air vents are distributed well through a building ensuring ubiquitous wireless coverage for the WSP.

Distributed networks bring wireless network elements like low-powered antennas and wireless access points closer to the user to ensure a high quality network for the wireless carriers and a superior mobile broadband experience for their customers. Utilizing proven technologies like Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cells, Remote Radio Heads (RRH), Wi-Fi and Distributed Evolved Packet Core (EPC), ExteNet enables wireless carriers, enterprises and venues to better serve their subscribers, customers, workers, residents, tenants and communities with advanced mobile connectivity.

Key Benefits of ExteNet’s iDUCT

Patented technology refined over the past years to deliver carrier-class advanced mobile connectivity

Ease of deployment, lower cost of deployment and the ability to leverage existing infrastructure

Metal HVAC ducts are ideal wave guides for radio signals and the ducts are omnipresent within a building ensuring seamless coverage and delivering aesthetic benefits


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