Enabling Advanced Mobile Connectivity for
Healthcare Facilities

“ExteNet met our unique needs for both thorough and affordable coverage, as well as discreet, efficient installation with minimal disruptions. With this system in place, physicians can now respond to patient needs in a timely manner, and patients and visitors can keep in touch with loved ones – both important components of wellness and recovery.”
- Simi Valley Hospital

In July 2010, ExteNet announced its first Healthcare Indoor Distributed Network at Simi Valley Hospital in Ventura County, California. One of 17 hospitals in the Adventist Health System, Simi Valley Hospital is focused on enhancing its world-class operations with a 144-bed Patient Care Tower alongside an expanded 24-bed Intensive Care Unit and a host of other upgrades to the facility. Simi Valley Hospital’s goal was to improve their indoor mobile service so that patients, visitors and healthcare professionals could seamlessly maintain a high-quality level of cellular services throughout the hospital campus. ExteNet’s Distributed Antenna System (DAS) utilizing its iDuct® technology enabled the new facility to provide exceptional indoor mobile communications for doctors, nurses, emergency responders, patients and their families. Today, the hospital enjoys seamless mobile broadband coverage from two of the leading Wireless Service Providers (WSPs).

A prime objective for healthcare facility owners, managers, staff and others is to provide high-quality and consistently available connectivity to patients and healthcare providers, in support of new national initiatives designed to improve clinical and business operations Connected caregivers, patients, and staff improve workflows, communications, and knowledge sharing between people and systems, enabling the healthcare organization to meet or exceed performance metrics and guidelines for real-time mobile health practices. Moreover, as a critical infrastructure, connectivity at the hospital provides a community benefit for essential services during untoward events such as natural disasters or other emergencies.

ExteNet Systems, a leader in providing Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Distributed Networks, works with a host of healthcare facilities and providers to enable advanced mobile and cellular connectivity throughout the venue at negligible cost to the venue. ExteNet works with all the leading WSPs to ensure that their 3G and 4G LTE broadband wireless service can be enabled in the shortest time-frame on the distributed networks deployed in the various healthcare venues where ExteNet has existing agreements.

Distributed Networks bring wireless network elements such as low-powered wireless antennas and access points closer to the user to ensure ubiquitous and high-capacity wireless broadband connectivity. Utilizing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Remote Radio Heads (RRH), Small Cells, Wi-Fi and Distributed Core Soft-switching technologies, ExteNet enables WSPs and healthcare facilities to better serve their constituents.

ExteNet also offers a less obtrusive and aesthetically more viable option for indoor mobile and cellular connectivity with the potential for installing the wireless network elements in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) ducts and propagating the wireless signals from within the ducts. Deployed at Simi Valley Hospital, the iDUCT® technology ensures a lower cost of ownership, rapid installation & deployment timeframes, alongside the aforementioned aesthetic benefits while ensuring complete indoor mobile connectivity for multiple WSPs. The iDuct/HVAC deployments work best in buildings with centralized HVAC infrastructure. Hybrid solutions of both traditional architectures as well as iDUCT technology are also utilized where appropriate.

Indoor Distributed Network Benefits to Healthcare Providers

High Bandwidth Mobile and Wi-Fi Connectivity throughout the Venue

Improved in-facility experience for Caregivers, Patients, Nurses, Staffs and others

Single Point of Contact with all WSPs

Secure, Private, Reliable
and Consistent Mobile Communications Network

Quicker Time-to-Market
given ExteNet’s experience
& expertise

Indoor Distributed Network Benefits to WSPs

Expanded Services Portfolio to Prominent Healthcare Providers

Seamless and Ubiquitous Coverage for the Subscriber

Lower Cost of Ownership and Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Superior Quality of Service via Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Data Offload Capability

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