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ExteNet Systems Enhances Cellular Connectivity in San Francisco for the Big Game

Outdoor cellular network helped San Francisco prepare for pro football championship game and delivers long-term connectivity benefits

Chicago, February 10, 2016 – ExteNet Systems, Inc., the leading independent provider of distributed networks enabling outdoor and indoor wireless connectivity, today announced its operational Small Cell distributed network in San Francisco for a leading national cellular telephone carrier.

ExteNet’s distributed network, which is comprised of hundreds of small cell locations and designed for multiple carriers, leveraged the City and County of San Francisco’s existing utility and street lighting infrastructure. The cooperation of the City and local utilities, combined with ExteNet’s vast experience in small cell deployments, helped complete the entire project in a relatively short time compared to past deployments. Additionally, the installation of broadband fiber has resulted in a more technologically advanced City.

Measures were taken to ensure minimal disruption to San Francisco residents and businesses, while adhering to the aesthetic needs and requirements of the City. The network, designed to help the City prepare for the pro football championship game, will deliver ongoing connectivity benefits to the entire community for years to come. The City’s communications infrastructure stands improved, the communications services are now state of the art, and the City benefits from a new revenue stream.

"We are thrilled to have partnered with the City and County of San Francisco in bringing an enhanced cellular network to San Francisco for one of the leading national cellular telecommunications carriers," said Ross Manire, ExteNet Systems President and CEO. "As the City continues to grow and prepare for extensive events, we are proud to help support its advanced connectivity needs. This network will also bring a new revenue stream to the City as well as enhance public safety and security in the area.

"The Big Game has presented many opportunities for our City, including investments in critical infrastructure to meet the demands for higher than normal data usage," said City and County of San Francisco Chief Information Officer, Miguel Gamiño. "ExteNet acted quickly to bolster wireless infrastructure to support the surge of cell phone usage, and the updated infrastructure will provide long-term benefits for future large-scale events and daily use in San Francisco."

Omar Masry, Wireless Planner for the City of San Francisco stated, "The use of new cellular technologies by ExteNet allows for a smaller and less intrusive Small Cell on utility poles by doing away with a bulky meter box and glass bubble near pedestrian level."

Tens of thousands of people who traveled to San Francisco for the Big Game benefited from the network and local residents and business will continue to reap the benefits. Data usage during the game reportedly reached an all-time high, with T-Mobile customers consuming five times more data than they did during last year’s event. Verizon Wireless reported 343 gigabytes were used within the stadium during half time alone. Of that, 20 percent came from social media apps and an additional 18,000 Snapchats were sent during the first quarter of the game.

"Our San Francisco distributed network is a culmination of two years of design, engineering and implementation efforts led by ExteNet in conjunction with the San Francisco City wireless planner, the SFPUC, MTA, and several other entities," said Robert Erickson, Vice President of Implementation at ExteNet Systems. "Tremendous efforts were made to ensure that the aesthetic needs of the City, its residents and businesses were met and if you traverse the streets of the City today, the network elements are virtually unnoticeable. The network was implemented in less than 12 months and the entire 80 miles of broadband fiber were deployed leveraging assets already available and underutilized. A deployment of this magnitude was possible due to the innovative access to existing pole and conduit infrastructure that ExteNet was able to secure."

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