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ExteNet Systems Lights Up More Than 1,000 Rooms in Two Texas Hotels with Networks for Multiple Wireless Carriers
Indoor Networks Use Patented iDuct® Technology at Nationally-Recognized Ft. Worth and Irving Facilities

LISLE, Illinois – March 21, 2011 – ExteNet Systems, Inc. (ExteNet) successfully launched wireless indoor networks for multiple wireless service providers at two major hotels in metropolitan Dallas, both located in the proximity of Cowboy Stadium. ExteNet deployed conventional indoor technology and patented iDuct® technology that distributes wireless signals through facilities’ heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork. The addition of these networks improves wireless coverage and data speeds for guests everyday and especially during peak event times.

Using seamless indoor and outdoor distributed networks improves signal coverage and the amount of wireless voice and data traffic that a network is able to handle at large capacity gatherings – such as local hotel facilities, conventions, business meetings or major national sporting events – where demand on the carriers’ networks reaches high usage levels.

“The indoor deployment of patented technology – branded iDuct by ExteNet – has proved highly successful across North America,” said Tormod Larsen, chief technology officer of ExteNet. “Achieving high quality indoor service is a key deliverable for all the wireless carriers. The indoor results for our carrier customers at these two hotels in Texas have met or exceeded our expectations in terms of coverage, capacity, call quality, and data throughput.”

Recent national estimates point to mobile data traffic multiplying 26 times between now and 2015 – with two-thirds of network traffic being video. Hotel executives know it is critical that they keep up with mobile technology trends and connectivity demands of their customers. ExteNet provides the design, implementation, and ongoing network maintenance that keep hotel facilities current with new technologies. Hotel management appreciate that this type of wireless deployment and its infrastructure are almost invisible to hotel guests.

“The flexibility inherent in ExteNet’s open networks allowed us to offer unique solutions to each of the wireless carriers who provide service in the hotels, tailored to their business objectives while setting an expectation for optimal performance for their radio technologies”, said Ron Fangio, director business development of ExteNet.

The indoor deployments of patented iDuct technology are carried out pursuant to licenses from Cybercom Netcom Consultants AB and from Carnegie Mellon University.

One hotel, adjacent to the Ft. Worth Convention Center, has more than 600 guest rooms. Thanks to hotel management’s recognition of a need to improve its guests’ wireless coverage and capacity experience, it is now equipped with an indoor network for three national wireless carriers that handles the following technologies: GSM, UMTS, HSPA+, CDMA 1x, EVDO and LTE over iDuct. The network at the second hotel in Irving offers essentially the same technologies for guests and visitors to its 400-plus-room hotel. ExteNet has deployed indoor systems using the iDuct technology in facilities as diverse as hospitals, high-rise buildings and corporate campuses, convention centers, universities, and government buildings. The patented use of a facility’s existing HVAC ductwork efficiently distributes high quality radio signals throughout the areas served by the air ducts with no impact on the aesthetics of the building environment. Also, the installation process requires very little or no intrusion into the areas of the facility used by the public or building occupants, so iDuct deployments have virtually no impact on building access, workflow or delivery of services.

With its open distributed network architecture, scalability and shared costs, ExteNet"s outdoor and indoor distributed networks are designed to improve coverage and enhance capacity for multiple wireless service providers. This provides the flexibility to meet wireless customers" future growth and technology needs.

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Across North America, ExteNet Systems, Inc. designs, builds, owns and operates outdoor and indoor wireless networks – for wireless service providers, government agencies, along transportation corridors, and in health care, corporate offices, high-rises, and higher education.

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