Press Release

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Network by ExteNet Systems Covers Glass, Steel & Concrete Class A Office Building and Parking Facilities
Suburban Chicago corporate complex with more than two million square feet of space deploys innovative indoor/outdoor wireless network

LISLE, Illinois – June 30, 2009 – ExteNet Systems has installed an integrated indoor and outdoor wireless distributed antenna system (DAS) network for one of America’s Fortune 500 companies in the suburbs of Chicago. The indoor DAS network installed for the six-story facility provides a superior level of wireless performance through the utilization of ExteNet System's patented wireless-over-HVAC technology.. The outdoor coverage for the parking garages and open spaces utilizes ExteNet System's high performance outdoor DAS network technology.

“In this instance, our customer understood the complexities and challenges of installing an integrated wireless network where coverage challenges existed both indoors and outdoors,” said Ross Manire, President and Chief Executive Officer of ExteNet Systems. “Using our patented technology saved time and money – and provided seamless wireless coverage with the accompanying outdoor DAS installation.”

The integrated indoor/outdoor design and installation resulted in minimal impact on this two million square foot facility’s daily operations with installation being completed in two months. Now that it is up and running, ExteNet System’s network operations center (NOC) provides the customer with 24 x 7 network monitoring, ensuring the quality of service they expect from a corporate-class mobile network.

“ExteNet Systems prides itself on partnering with enterprise customers and wireless carriers to provide high performance wireless network solutions,” said ExteNet’s Vice President of Inbuilding Solutions, Jon Davis. “Especially when faced with today’s lean budgets for business operations, our hybrid DAS networks are a robust and cost-effective solution.”

Since demand for wireless services has skyrocketed across the country, enterprise customers and wireless carriers are interested in indoor DAS networks that can expand or augment the reach of conventional cell sites by utilizing indoor DAS systems. Indoor and outdoor DAS solutions have been installed by ExteNet Systems at suburban corporate campuses, downtown high-rises, hospitals and other health facilities, and institutions of higher education. This is especially important as nearly 80 percent of mobile phone calls in the United States either originate or terminate inside buildings.