Press Release

Wireless Network Spanning Two Cities, 90+ Miles of Fiber Optic Cable Installed in Yonkers and Mt. Vernon
Outdoor DAS Network Serves New York City Suburbs’ Residential Areas

LISLE, Illinois – March 31, 2009 – ExteNet Systems, Inc., has launched two distributed antenna system (DAS) networks that span across the cities of Mt. Vernon and Yonkers, New York. The two wireless networks share one base station and more than 90 miles of newly installed fiber optic cable. The networks provide wireless coverage for the two cities in southern Westchester County with more than a quarter-of-a-million residents.

“MetroPCS has launched the largest DAS network in the U.S., in the New York market, which allows our customers to gain wireless coverage in areas that otherwise may be hard to reach with traditional network equipment,” said Dan Olmetti, vice president and general manager for MetroPCS’ New York market. “ExteNet Systems’ contribution to Metro PCS’ overall DAS network in Yonkers and Mt. Vernon significantly improves in-building coverage and further enhances Metro PCS’ low cost, flat-rate unlimited wireless service.”

Distributed antenna systems are often mounted at the tops and sides of telephone poles and light poles, which make them ideal for improving wireless phone reception in residential neighborhoods. More than 90 percent of the nodes on the Yonkers and Mt. Vernon networks are small whip antennas mounted at the top of telephone poles that weigh less than five pounds.

ExteNet Systems and its carrier partner, Metro PCS, participated in a number of hearings and meetings to educate the public about the demand for strong wireless coverage – and the benefits. With more than 80 percent of American households now using wireless mobile phones, many wireless service providers are enhancing and expanding their network capabilities to include better and faster connectivity for voice and data. Increasingly, mobile phone users rely on their phones for personal and public safety reasons.

“The almost unanimous approval of the ExteNet Systems DAS network by the Yonkers City Council was partly the result of hard work by ExteNet Systems,” said Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick. “This is one more example where city leadership, community engagement and business participation achieved an agreement that benefits our residents.”

“Mt. Vernon and Yonkers recognize the importance to its citizens of allowing a new carrier to provide a competitive, strong wireless service,” said Altschul. “Leadership and action first in Mt. Vernon from the city council, planning board and mayor, and then from the Yonkers city council and mayor reinforced this commitment. The ExteNet Systems’ networks in Mt. Vernon and Yonkers share a base station, and deliver great wireless coverage in an expansive area with little impact on the visual environment.”