Regional Director, External Relations - RFP

Title: Regional Director, External Relations - RFP

Position Overview:

The primary focus of the Regional Director, External Relations - RFP is to contribute toward the mission of the External Relations (ER) team, which is to “Efficiently fulfill the jurisdictional requirements and other assigned responsibilities necessary to allow ExteNet to implement outdoor Distributed Network Systems (DNS) and small cell networks per committed schedules.”

  • This position will contribute to all aspects of ExteNet’s activities, policies, objectives, and key strategic initiatives. This includes creating an ER budget for the Cost Estimate Tool in response to RFPs from customers. Identifying status of existing and missing attachment and municipal agreements relevant to the Request for Proposal.
  • Upon award of contract, organizing required agreements in tracking software. Identify relevant milestones for the completion of these agreements and tracking the progress of obtaining those agreements within the ER team. These tracking milestones are the basis for internal and external escalations.
  • The Director will create presentation collateral and keep it up to date, providing Municipal Directors and Managers with a consistent look and feel of content across the country. This collateral will demonstrate the latest in equipment, co-location pole technology, stealth options, etc.
  • The Director will also assist in creating a training syllabus to develop standards for all new ER hires.
  • The Director will regularly audit databases such as Novatus to ensure the Project Coordinators are keeping the document repositories current and accurate.

Detailed Responsibilities:

  • Plan and execute on assigned jurisdictional responsibilities from proposal stage through the completion of jurisdictional approvals, allowing ExteNet’s implementation team to begin construction per schedule
  • Track approval milestone dates and communicate on timely basis when the forecasted dates change, for better or worse and escalate within ER.
  • Forecast any external costs associated with procuring jurisdictional approvals including any 3rd party costs (outsourced vendors) and non-recurring and recurring costs embedded in the process.
  • Possess the ability to communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing with internal colleagues and external customers, and bring in the appropriate executive management and technical team members where and when needed
  • Be willing to travel, as reasonably required to fulfill required responsibilities and duties of the position
  • Evaluate matters and make clear, well-reasoned and supported decisions on a daily basis, and communicate those decisions effectively to the appropriate personnel.
  • Keep the management apprised of all issues, resource allocations, vendor sourcing recommendations, Project Tracker enhancements, and various other items that require management knowledge and input
  • Keep up to date on new advances in technology and applications and overall Company strategy that may impact the rights and entitlements procurement process
  • Attend municipal, county and other jurisdictional hearings or related meetings where appropriate and present verbal arguments to support the projects.
  • Identify, qualify, and manage ER outside vendors when needed to assist in the acquisition, negotiation and administration of the various rights and entitlement agreements
  • Participate in external relations themed trade shows and professional development activities where appropriate for the furtherance of the team and Company goals
  • Present willingness to perform tasks beyond standard goals and objectives
  • Manage and prioritize tasks in order to meet deadlines while also highlighting risks and implementing contingency plans
  • Have the ability to inspire, motivate, and understand colleagues
  • Possess an energetic, positive, and assertive attitude
  • Present the ability to relate and gain the respect of cross functional teams that are not direct reports
  • Work effectively in a team environment
  • Demonstrate drive, enthusiasm, and creativity while contributing significantly toward the continued success of ExteNet Systems, Inc.
  • Hold the highest standards of integrity in all dealings with others
  • Coordinate with Legal and/or the applicable Engineering teams (with and through the National Director, External Relations - Infrastructure) when necessary to close gaps in required information such as regulatory status, technical requirements for utility joint use agreements, impact of the various agreements on jurisdictional approvals, franchise and ROW agreements, unusual easement and cost situations, etc.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree from accredited College or University
  • Jurisdictional planning background is preferred
  • A legal background with experience focused on real estate or land use, or agreement acquisition and negotiation in the wireless pole attachment or right of way access arenas, or governmental relations is preferred
  • Possess multi-level relationships within the telecommunications and/or utility industries
  • Strong presentation skills and agility with Microsoft Office