Local Government Relations

Providing Regulatory Expertise and Extraordinary Service

Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) leverage ExteNet’s Distributed Networks to provide cellular service for their residential and business customers in both indoor and outdoor settings. A critical element in the process of deploying these networks is a complete comprehension and understanding of the Local Government requirements for permits, site selection and other authorizations.

In a simplistic sense, ExteNet is a “carriers’ carrier” providing the major WSPs signal transport services, over high capacity fiber optic cabling or wireless links, between their switching facilities or other signal traffic aggregation points and the distributed remote communications nodes. These remote nodes, including Small Cells, enable the final link to any WSP’s subscriber to occur wirelessly.

As a telecommunications carrier/service provider, ExteNet has registered with the appropriate regulators in more than 35 states where it holds certificates of public convenience and necessity (CPCN), or similar grants of authority. This status and authority generally entitles ExteNet to deploy its optical fiber cabling and other telecommunications facilities comprising its distributed networks in the public rights-of-way (ROW), subject to applicable local requirements and limitations.

ExteNet has a dedicated Community Relations team that works with the communities, jurisdictions and municipalities, among others, to ensure the network design, deployment and provisioning of wireless services is done within federal, state and local guidelines seamlessly with minimal disruption to daily activities. The team, comprised of former municipal planners and experienced ROW experts, focuses on establishing effective lines of communication with the required municipalities and local government authorities.

ExteNet’s Community Relations team works directly with each municipality to:

  • Initiate first contact and schedule pre-construction meetings with staff and officials
  • Define the municipal authorization process
  • Establish peer-to-peer communications
  • Define all permitting and encroachment requirements
  • Coordinate development of supporting materials
  • Facilitate agreement acquisition and execution
  • Coordinate any required administrative proceedings
  • Attend community outreach meetings and municipal hearings, if so required, and secure consent

Educating the local government and municipal officials on the benefits of distributed networks to enable advanced mobile connectivity is a key undertaking for ExteNet as we work with communities to deliver a superior mobile experience for one and all. ExteNet has established a sound regulatory process that meets community standards and conforms to all required codes and ordinances.