Community Relations

Providing Extraordinary Service to Our Communities

ExteNet enables advanced mobile connectivity for Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) and their customers, including residential users, businesses, government agencies and other organizations, via its Distributed Networks deployed across indoor and outdoor settings. Our distributed networks, which are generally designed and available to host multiple WSPs, improve service coverage and boost capacity to meet the rapidly growing demand for advanced voice, data and video communications over mobile wireless systems.

ExteNet’s distributed networks serve many communities across North America. Ongoing support for our communities is a core value for the entire company. Our goal is to continually engage and cooperate with residents and local officials to enable advanced and reliable cellular and Wi-Fi services and ultimately provide superior mobile connectivity for the people who live, work, grow and play in the community.

Mobile wireless connectivity is essential for everyone today. Businesses depend on connectivity for productivity and efficiency. People need connectivity to communicate, to conduct their daily activities and stay in touch with their family and friends. In life-saving and other critical scenarios, reliable and on the scene connectivity is needed to reach 911 to deploy first responders in the shortest timeframe.

According to the FCC, “The number of 911 calls placed by people using wireless phones has significantly increased in recent years. It is estimated that about 70 percent of 911 calls are placed from wireless phones, and that percentage is growing. For many Americans, the ability to call 911 for help in an emergency is one of the main reasons they own a wireless phone. The prompt delivery of wireless 911 calls to public safety organizations benefits the public by promoting safety of life and property.”

ExteNet’s distributed communications facilities are primarily co-located with other utilities, sharing space on existing infrastructure such as utility poles and street lights in the public rights-of-way (ROW). Distributed network architectures involve small scale equipment operating at low power and sited at low elevations, so they can be deployed discreetly and blend seamlessly with the rest of the community’s infrastructure systems.

ExteNet has a dedicated Community Relations team comprised of former municipal planners and experienced ROW experts. This team works closely with the appropriate local government agencies, planners officials and representatives to ensure that the design, deployment and provisioning of distributed network facilities to enable enhanced wireless services is accomplished with little or no environmental and aesthetic impact, causing minimal disruption to daily activities and also in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Our goal is to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the communities in which we build our distributed networks based on a thorough understanding of and respect for the unique characteristics and needs of each community and its businesses and residents. Proactively serving the needs of our host communities is a deep rooted mission for the ExteNet team.

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