Simi Valley Hospital

Connecting Simi Valley Hospital With Distributed Networks

Simi Valley Hospital is a world-class healthcare facility located in Ventura, California. Alongside its high-end patient care infrastructure, the hospital also features greatly improved cellular service to the leading national wireless carriers, enabled by ExteNet’s distributed network. ExteNet leveraged the hospital’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts and deployed a distributed network via innovative iDUCT technology. Utilizing iDUCT, ExteNet was able to quickly and cost-effectively deploy its high-performing and scalable network enabling advanced cellular service at Simi Valley Hospital.

Simi Valley Hospital's expansive, cutting-edge campus required similarly forward-looking wireless infrastructure. ExteNet's owned and operated distributed network was a perfect fit, as it provides robust cellular coverage in an aesthetically unobtrusive form. ExteNet enabled the cellular service for all the national wireless carriers on schedule and with minimal interruption to hospital operations.


"In addition to its ease of installation and affordability, ExteNet's network enables us to comply with federal and state efforts to improve connectivity within our facilities in order to streamline patient care," said Adventist Health Regional CIO, "As we move toward the widespread implementation of electronic medical records systems, reliable indoor wireless services like ExteNet's iDuct will be critical to the success of these initiatives - here at Simi Valley and at hospitals across the country."