Contracts Specialist (Lisle)

Location: Lisle
Title: Contracts Specialist

ExteNet Systems, Inc., designs, builds, owns and operates distributed networks for use by wireless carriers and property owners in key markets. Using small cells, distributed antenna systems and other proprietary technologies, ExteNet deploys solutions to enhance wireless service and network performance across both outdoor and indoor environments.

Primary markets include outdoor distributed networks in a variety of densely occupied urban and suburban environments as well as select rural areas, and various indoor properties, including sports and entertainment venues, commercial office buildings, hotels and convention centers, healthcare facilities and transit systems. For example, ExteNet has built small cell networks to enhance LTE coverage and data capacity in multiple Super Bowl host cities, the Empire State Building, Barclays Center, and Miami Marlins Stadium.

ExteNet Systems was founded in 2002, and is based in Lisle, IL, 25 miles west of Chicago. We have approximately 300 employees, and a network of independent contractors upon whom we depend for engineering, construction and maintenance services across the country. ExteNet recently completed $1.4 billion recapitalization, making the company one of only four tech "unicorns" in the Chicago area.


  • Oversee organizational contract development and management activities, and enforce organizational principles of integrity and compliance.
  • Ensure that contracts are properly entered organizational databases (Novatus – Contract Lifecycle Management Database) and securely maintained.
  • Perform appropriate clinical, administrative and operational research to support contract development.
  • Assure accuracy and appropriateness of contract text and attachments.
  • Engage relevant stakeholders in negotiation decisions involving legal or regulatory requirements, contract standards and cost targets.
  • Maintain deadlines on deliverables and communicate on an ongoing basis with business partners and internal clients about contractual issues.
  • Review contractual performance of both parties to ensure compliance with terms and to identify conflicts or changes requiring resolution at contract renewal.
  • Contracts engagement either directly or supportive as needed (various: including formal, short form, and annual contracts)—Drafting, Evaluation, Negotiation and Execution
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements, Sales / Purchasing Agreements, Sub-contracts, Consulting Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Master Agreements, review of customer proposed terms and conditions
  • Commercial and Public (Federal, State and Local Municipalities) Contracting
  • Serve as the point of contact for customers on contractual matters. Act as contractual “point person” between company employees and customers, ensuring timely review, approval / reconciliation of contracts, and delivery of due diligence documents to customers as needed.
  • On all standard and nonstandard contracts, provide redlined recommendations and often negotiate directly with customer attorneys until consensus has been reached
  • Maintain contractual records and documentation such as receipt and control of all contract correspondence, customer contact information sheets, contractual changes, status reports and other documents for all projects.
  • As needed, provide guidance on contract matters to project managers or other operational staff, including training to new project managers and other employees in contracting practices and procedures.
  • Develop and implement procedures for contract management and administration in compliance with company policy. As appropriate, contribute to or influence company policies.
  • Monitor compliance by company employees with established procedures. Identify areas of recurrent pressure.
  • Work with Legal Department / Finance to coordinate contractual financial and risk considerations / tracking / obligations.
  • Work with Finance to ensure adherence to broader finance and risk requirements such as revenue recognition, pricing and discounting policies
  • Monitor competitive terms. Monitor customer satisfaction with our terms and conditions and contracting practices. Recommend changes.
  • Ensure that signed contracts are communicated to all relevant parties to provide contract visibility and awareness, interpretation to support implementation, including abstracting, archiving.
  • Handle on-going issue and change management within the Contracts Management process
  • Monitor transaction compliance (milestones, deliverables, invoicing etc.)
  • Ensure contract close-out, extension or renewal.
  • Provide guidance when business or legal issues occurs during the course of managing existing contractual relationships.


  • A degree or certification from an accredited Paralegal program
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience working as a Paralegal or Contracts Specialist
  • Contracts Management experience – Drafting, Evaluation, Negotiation and Execution –with formal, short form, and annual contracts
  • Hands-on experience with Contract Management Databases; Novatus preferred
  • The ability to thrive in a fast-paced business environment, while juggling multiple projects
  • The communications skills necessary to interface with internal clients in all departments
  • A background in Business or Finance, with exposure to contractual financial and risk considerations, is considered a plus